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Yen by Jose Jimenez6



Erin by Kyle Garcia Takata

We Aren't Alone Here

Show and Workshops, May 19 and 20, 2023

“We Aren’t Alone Here” is a 2-day event including a dance show and workshops held at ODC Theater. This show is produced by Dragons Dance, and it will feature new work and Bay Area premieres by Jin Lee Baobei, Two In Seven Billion and Dragons Dance.

“We Aren’t Alone Here” is a chance to bring physically-driven dance artists together from across the nation to connect with Bay Area dance communities.

We can’t wait to share our work with you.


Jin Lee Baobei, Two in Seven Billion, and Dragons Dance

​"This show was originally set to happen in 2020. We have adapted and grown as artists since, and we are taking this chance to share dance with our communities once again." - Erin

Yen by Jose Jimenez2


HeavenEarthPeople insp2.HEIC

Heaven, Earth, People

created for live performance in December, 2022

Full work available online here.

"Amah (my grandmother) says I have a good eye for composition and that I need only remember, “heaven, earth, and people.” These are the three spatial anchor-points that are essential to any Ikebana. Expression of the combined materials depends on the container, and each arrangement uniquely reflects those that made it."


In the studio...

  • We referenced Sogetsu school Japanese flower arranging techniques

  • We questioned how we would embody flowers and plant life

  • We dared to dip into our imaginations

Ogo and Yen by Abigail Hinson_edited.jpg

Erin and Sawako by Abigail Hinson

The Hug (with Sawako)

film coming soon!

"This duet is a continuation of a hug in 'Paper Trails' (2022.) I felt Sawako Ogo and I had some unfinished business. Plus, I wanted one more chance to create (and dance!) with my friend before she moved to Berlin. "


In the studio...

  • We drew body sketches on paper
  • We indulged in lyrical dance making

  • We leaned on the clear phrasing offered in Raina Sokolov’s song “One Day."

  • We took time to further bond as friends

Ogo and Yen by Abigail Hinson4

Erin and Sawako by Abigail Hinson

Dragonborne I by Abigail 3.JPG

Erin by Abigail Hinson

Dragonborne I

film coming soon!

"I have played the video game Skyrim at many moments of transition in my life. This past summer, while playing Skyrim, I had the idea to start making solos that reflect this. This solo, Dragonborne I, asks for me to embody a Thieves Guild Master who has an affinity for spinning and floorwork."


In the studio...

I used the following Skyrim skills to create the solo's initial phrase-work:

  • sneaking

  • lockpicking

  • enchanting

  • archery

  • alchemy

  • shouts

skyrim logo.png
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